Weekly Rundown: 2017-03-26

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In case you missed any of what was posted this week at Points Fitness, here’s your weekly rundown:

–> Keeping Fit Abroad Series: Oak Brook, IL

–> When does a paid upgrade earn you the upgraded fare’s PQM’s?

–> United Electronic Travel Certificates – Learn how does the 24-hr cancellation policy and premier point earnings work with such certificates.

–> United trying to get around the DOT’s 24-hr cancellation requirement? – An allegation of United not honoring the 24-hr cancellation.

–> I love my $450 annual fee Amex Biz Platinum Card – See why a $450 annual fee is no reason not to apply for one of these premium cards.

–> My last United 747 flight and earning 20+ PQM’s while I’m at it

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