Ways to meet credit card minimum spend

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The main reason why we apply for multiple credit cards is for those juicy bonus offers. Usually within the first 3-4 months one has to spend a minimum amount on the card in order to receive said bonus. The ‘minimum spend’ amounts range from $0 – $15,000 depending on the card you’re applying for. For the larger minimum spend amounts and for times when we apply for multiple cards within a short period of time it could be difficult to meet the spend. Even then, NEVER meet your minimum spend at the cost of falling into debt.  Instead, here are some options for you to consider to meet your minimum spends:

  1. Every day spend – if you want to be a part of this ‘game’ then you shouldn’t be carrying cash around at all! Use your credit card for all your daily/monthly spending.(i.e. groceries, gas, clothing, pets expenses, car repairs, haircuts, etc.)
  2. Insurance – insurance companies offer the option (and often discounted) of paying for your policy bi-annually or annually instead of on a monthly basis. Also, see in this post how you can leverage your medical insurance to earn points and miles.
  3. Bills – set up all your monthly bills to be charged to your credit card, or manually make the payments with your credit card. (i.e. rent/mortgage payment, car, student loans, etc. through third party services like Plastiq and Tio).  In the past I’ve offered to pay for family/friends’ bills with my credit card and they can pay me the amounts directly.
  4. Donations to charity – gives you the opportunity to give something back while you meet your minimum spend requirement.
  5. Planned big purchases – new appliances, electronic gadgets, etc.
  6. Kiva Loans – use your credit card to finance a loan to people in developing countries with an excellent track record of paying back on time.  See more here.
  7. Pay your taxes – see more information about how to do this here.
  8. Add an authorized user – the more credit card users, the more spend. However, be very careful who you authorize as a user in your account, as your credit standing is on the line.
  9. Opening a new bank account with a bank that allows funding with a credit card. Doctor of Credit is a good resource, including real data points, of banks that allow this.
  10. Be creative – you may be able to find other ways to meet your spend. Always ensure that it’s legal, that it follows the terms and conditions of your credit card, and that your credit score will not be affected. Additionally, although it used to be a easy and straight forward strategy, it’s becoming more difficult to meet minimum spend requirements by purchasing gift cards, as banks (especially AMEX) are cracking down on that type of credit cards utilization.  As I post I’ll add links to creative ways to meet the minimum spend requirement: