Want to know what amenities your Polaris flight will have?

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United Polaris has been flying for months now, though it hasn’t been without some drama along the way. The roll out faced some serious seat delays, only one Polaris lounge is open and two that were supposed to open in 2017 won’t open until next year. Most of us who have flown Polaris, have flown the soft product, meaning the Polaris amenities minus the new seats (which is a large part of the upgrade). But recently there have been some promising news. United has begun retrofitting its 767-300ER fleet, and changes in scheduled equipment in the online search tool point to the 777-200 fleet retrofit beginning soon. All that said, Polaris is not just new seats and new lounges. Polars has been marketed as an ‘Experience‘. Polaris has been designed to ‘bring a new level of quality to every aspect of premium cabin travel — from lounge to landing — and provide the best sleep in the sky’. This of course includes on-board amenities.


Amenities in a United Polaris flight

  • Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding
    • Two Saks 5th Ave pillows
    • Option of two blankets: quilted duvet & lighter throw blanket
  • Cooling gel memory foam pillow upon request
  • Mattress cushions upon request
  • 100% cotton pajamas
  • Slippers
  • Sleep mist
  • Cowshed Spa Skincare items
  • Ergonomic eye mask
  • Noise-reducing headphones
  • Ear plugs



I think most of us can do well with these. However, keep in mind that not all amenities are available on all Polaris flights. Some weeks back Brian Summers provided us with an insightful chart that depicts which amenities in which flights we should expect.



So if you’re flying Polaris any time soon, now you’ll know what to expect. Brian Summers, thank you very much!

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