Unveil your ‘Mystery Bonus Offer’ on United miles purchase

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I’ve written before about offers that make purchasing United miles a reasonable proposition.  For example, I wrote about how from time to time MileagePlus shopping offers, like this 45mi/$ offer at Magazines.com, can be leveraged as a miles purchasing tool.  United also is known to offer bonus miles on miles purchases from time to time.  Depending on your situation, these are great opportunities to earn United miles.  This morning, however, I came across the best miles purchasing offer I’ve ever seen…and it seems to be a targeted one.  Let’s discuss this ‘Mystery Bonus Offer’ and whether it makes sense.

To unveil your personalized offer access United’s Buy Miles page.  You should see the following banner first thing, which states an offer of up to 75% on your miles purchase:

Upon clicking on the Reveal my bonus button you will be asked to enter your MileagePlus account number and last name:

The moment of truth and my offer came down even better than what the initial page said; my offer is up to 80% on my miles purchase!

See below the 3 tiers I can choose from.  Obviously, the more miles I purchase, the better the offer:

  • 5k+ miles – 15k miles = 30% bonus
  • 15k+ miles – 30k miles = 60% bonus
  • 3k+ miles = 80% bonus

This is the best offer I’ve ever seen for miles purchase with United.  Let’s look at some scenarios to see what this means.

Scenario 1 – You need 10k miles.

Purchase through United website: 8,000 + 2,400 bonus (30%) + $21 tax recovery fee: $301.00 or 2.9 cents/mile

Scenario 2 – You need 50k miles.

Purchase through United website: 30,000 + 24,000 bonus (80%) + $78.75 tax recovery fee: $1,128.75 or 2.1 cents/mile

Note that usually the top-level tier is: 34,000 + 17,000 bonus (50%) + $78.75 tax recovery fee: $1,268.75 or 2.5 cents/mile

As you can see, a bonus like this can make a significant difference in the value of your miles purchase.  However, if you don’t have any upcoming travel plans, then there’d be no need to spend the money, as you can probably earn those miles without spending this much by using a combination of the tools available to earn miles and points.   If you do decide to wait, keep on the watch for MileagePlus Shopping earn rates, as it’s not uncommon to see offers that will provide you with the ability to ‘purchase’ the miles at close to 2.1-2.2 cents/mile.  For instance, right now through MileagePlus Shopping, Magazines.com purchases are again at an earning rate of 45mi/$.  Depending on the amount of miles you need, this may be a better offer than the one discussed on this post.

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