United’s MileagePlus Go Prepaid Card Site is Live!

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Last month I wrote about a new miles-earning alternative: MileagePlus Go. Today United has launched the only prepaid card that offers you the ability to earn MileagePlus miles!  Here’s the link to the card’s website.

Why have a MileagePlus Go prepaid card

  • Earn 1 mile for every $1 in-store and online
  • FDIC Insured
  • Mobile management of your card
  • No credit check
  • No interest payments
  • No late fees
  • Reloadable

Why not to have a MileagePlus GO prepaid card

  • $85 Annual fee (Whoa!)
  • 2,500 miles per month earnings cap
  • Unknown loading location fees
  • No ‘sign-up’ bonus

How to get GOing

  • Order your card through this link
  • Activate your card through this link
  • Load your card:
    • Enroll in Direct Deposit through this link
    • Find a Netspend Reload Location through this link
  • Warning! To make a signature purchase in-store and earn miles, make sure to select “CREDIT” when given the option. (PIN-based purchase transactions and cash withdrawals DO NOT earn miles)

Notable Fees – details here

  • Annual fee – $85 (Wondering if there’s a catch? This is it.)
  • Direct Deposit Load Fee – $0
  • Cash Value Load Fee through Netspend – ‘Fee may be assessed by reload location and may vary.’
  • Mobile Check Load Fee – ‘Fee may be assessed by reload location and may vary.’
  • Account-to-Account transfer online – $0
  • Account-to-Account transfer over the phone – $4.95
  • Replacement Card Fee – $9.95ea
  • Additional Card Fee – $9.95ea
  • Bill Payment Fee – ‘Assessed by third-party providers’
  • ACH Debit/Preauthorized Payment Transaction Decline Fee – $1ea
  • Stop Payment Fee – $10ea

On my previous post, these were the unknowns:

  • MileagePlus miles earning rate per $ – We now know it’s 1 mile/$, but capped at 2,500 miles/month
  • Fee structure – We now know there’s an annual fee and a significant number of unknown fees – see notable fees above
  • How to maximize earnings – TBD

Who could benefit the most from MileagePlus Go

  • Those whose credit situation prevents them from applying for new MileagePlus/CUR earning credit cards
  • Those who don’t wish to apply for new MileagePlus/CUR earning credit cards
  • Those who want to earn United miles without tapping into their credit limit
  • Those who need to strictly control their spending
  • Those who are too young to have a credit card
  • Those in search for a new method to earn United miles 🙂

In conclusion, I think this card does provide an alternative option to earn miles, but for very particular and unique situations. It’s by no means at the top of the ‘best-practice’ miles-earning strategies. There are better method to earn United miles. But any time there’s an additional way to earn miles and points, IT IS good news. I’ll touch on this again once the site is working and we can further research how this card can be used and get an idea of loading location fees and other details.  For more info, here’s a link to the FAQ page.

2 thoughts on “United’s MileagePlus Go Prepaid Card Site is Live!

    1. Since the card works like a regular credit card, there’s no reason to think that you can’t pay your mortgage via a bill pay service such as Plastiq. But also, there’s a Bill Pay option through the Netspend portal. The problem is that I haven’t received the card yet to try anything, and the fee structure is a little vague in terms of those kind of payments. My initial thought is yes, you can use this service, but don’t know whether it amounts to more in fees than through a service like Plastiq. Once I get the card and use it, I’ll post about it.

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