United website search results ‘enhancement’

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Chances are you don’t need to read this post, but for the sake of maybe sometime in the future getting to say or think I wrote it first… Overnight there seems to have been an update made to United website’s search results Edit Search option. Typically when already looking at search results there was an option/button to update the search. Once clicked, hidden fields to perform an updated search would appear, as shown below. The point is that by default these fields were hidden, and would only appear upon action from the customer, as shown below.


Now, it looks like United has made those fields visible  by default to make it easier for some people maybe? It actually does make searching a little bit easier. In the great scope of things though, this won’t be impactful. This is how the search results screen looks like now.

It’s a welcome change in my eyes, but my real interest lies in the search tools and how BUGgy it is. I’ll be checking to see whether other ‘enhancements’ were made on the site and report back. The mobile app looks the same as it did yesterday.

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