United is the title sponsor for the first Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in Asia: Chengdu

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United Rock ‘n’ Roll… That has a nice ring to it.  Back in November Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series announced United as title sponsor of two Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events in Washington D.C. and San Francisco beginning in 2017.  That’s some good, much needed, PR for United!  This also brings perks for United MileagePlus members, as they would have access to exclusive pre and post-race events, such as an invite only dinner the night before, as well as discounts on entry fees for each race.  Enough to make a United and fitness junkie happy!

Well even better news for fit United travelers!  Chicago Business Journal writes that United is now title sponsor of a third race, and the first ever in Asia, to be held in Chengdu, China!!  Registration to open soon.  This makes perfect sense as United has been making moves for this past year on this alternative China market to Beijing and Shanghai.  They offer the most mainland US non-stops to China, and fares are often found at the loe $500’s, which is why trans-pacific routes are a United sweet spot for mileage runs.

The dates in October for this first race in China comes a week after the Chicago Seminars.  I wonder how many folks will make this a two week event, rather than just the one.  But it certainly would be awesome to attend the seminars and learn a bunch about points and miles, and perhaps apply some of it for the following weekend.  I’m seriously considering it.

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