United reducing Guam service

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Ever since the 1Q17 financial earnings call, United has talked about the unexpected decrease Asia market demand, being the only market with a negative PRASM year-on-year. United even discontinued Hangzhou service, citing the same decrease in demand. Now United will be further cleaning things up in the Pacific with service cuts centered around Guam, again citing low demand. 


Brian Summers first tweeted about these changes on Twitter:

I don’t like to see service cuts at all unless the flight in question is called the ‘Chairman’s Flight‘. Ha. That being said United’s other markets have been performing well and United has been able to make many additions to its network domestically and internationally.

Some of the new and increased international and over-the-water service offerings in 2017:


United’s Island Hopper is one of the most unique flight experiences. The flight starts in Hawaii and hops across five or six islands in the South Pacific en-route to Guam. Fortunately, this is not affected by the changes out of Guam, but it sure casts a bit of a dark shadow on the horizon. Hopefully the Pacific market picks up a bit over the next year.


*Featured image from ChinaAviationDaily.com

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