United to offer Pizzeria Uno Deep Dish in Economy

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When travelling in economy class, United offers Bistro on Board and Snack Shop. There’s one breakfast option and one lunch/dinner option that on occasion I’ve exchanged even a United First meal for. For breakfast it’s the Chicken sausage egg skillet and for lunch/dinner it’s of course the famous and exquisite cheeseburger (yes, it’s that good!). Well, rejoice deep dish pizza lovers! Beginning in July, United will begin offering Chicago’s Pizzeria Uno’s deep dish pizza. According to Travel Skills who broke the news first, “it will be a spinach and garlic deep dish pizza for $9.99. Available on all flights departing North America (except in Canada). It’ll be prepared and served in our skillet dish to help the cheese brown and keep the crust crispy. And we’re planning a ‘Pizza and Beer combo’ for $13.99 pairing the pizza with a Miller Lite.”

You probably know that deep dish pizza is to Chicago what New York-style pizza is to New York.  You have Uno, Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s… if you ever visit Chicago having some deep dish pizza is one of the ‘things to do’ (in my opinion, Lou Malnati’s is the best). So the fact that United’s headquarters are in Chicago, gives this new offering a bit more meaning and perhaps it’s prepared and served with a bit more pride than your regular dish. We shall see.  I’m flying to San Diego in early August so I’ll be trying the pizza then.

Possible downsides? 1) Pizza is not all that healthy, and in recent years we’ve seen carriers take a healthier approach when it comes to in-flight dining. Will folks avoid this dish on the grounds of it being unhealthy? I suspect not. 2) Will there be enough pizzas on-board for all who want pizza? Surely there will be some numbers crunching on the first weeks/months to see what the right amount of pizzas to bring on board is, but I can already see unhappy customers seating in the back of the plane upset because there were no pizzas left for them. Let’s see how United, and flight attendants, handle that.

Other than these two, I think customers will generally like this new Bistro on Board option. Of course this all assumes that it’ll be tasty. Are you excited to try United/UNO’s new on-air deep dish pizza?

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