United now allows you to combine multiple e-certs into one

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I’ve talked plenty about United Electronic Travel Certificates, which is United’s fancy name for their travel vouchers. It’s great to have them, and now there will be a new tool to get your hands on an e-cert way before your travels. Traditionally, however, one can only use one e-cert per reservation, which was restricting, especially for those who don’t travel that often. Someone might have gotten their hands on a couple of e-certs, but would only travel once on the next 12 months, causing all e-certs but one to expire (e-certs are good for one year). Furthermore, it happened to me several times that I had e-certs that I didn’t remember about. I was hard to keep track and to use them here or there, for my ticket, for my wife’s…ahhhh! Now, however, United has changed its policy to allow you to combine multiple e-certs into one so that they can be used in one reservation, or so you have to keep track of just the one.

The only downside is that one has to call to get this done. I reached out to United to see whether there would be a provision to do this online in the future.

So absolutely you have to call. What I plan on doing is calling right after I get an e-cert every time, so that one I keep my one PIN and don’t have to worry about it at the time of booking. Could this be done online? Surely a tool could be built with that purpose, but perhaps the value added at the moment is not quite enough to warrant additional custom development. In any case, this is a change that will be impactful in a positive way not just to Premier members, but to anyone with multiple e-certs.

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