United New Menu Items – UNO Spinach and Garlic Deep Dish Pizza

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Back in June United officially announced new and refreshed menu items in Economy, the Pizzeria UNO Spinach and Garlic Deep Dish Pizza being the most talked about. I didn’t fly at all in the month of July, so I hadn’t had a chance to try it out. That changed a few days ago when I flew ORD-SAN in United Economy Plus. This is usually nothing to be excited about, however, this time there was the pizza I was going to try out for the first time. 

I was in row 1 so I had no concerns about the pizza being sold out, and once the flight attendants came by for service I asked for my pizza very first pizza on a United flight. For no apparent reason the flight attendant gave me a Miller Lite beer along with the pizza at no additional cost, so essentially I received the pizza + beer combo for the price of the pizza only. No need to inquire any further.

The pizza looks like this when handed to you:



In economy class not much can be expected when it comes to meal presentation. But the pizza does look tasty enough that you’re able to overlook the black plastic bowl that it comes in and the aluminum foil lid. The colors were vibrant and draw attention.


The flight attendants have it all figured out in terms of how many pizza’s to heat up and have ready for service. My pie was served to me within 10 seconds of my asking. It was perfectly cooked, with the few desired burnt cheese speckles on the crust.


To my surprise the pizza was pretty good and it tasted fresher than I thought it would. It didn’t taste to me like frozen pizza that I buy at my grocery store. This is a pizza for cheese lovers for the most part.

Eating it

This is my one definite negative. Because it’s a deep dish pizza and it must be served in a ‘deep dish’ (Duh!) you have very little room to decently cut through your first several bites. To further make this problem worse 1) the plastic knives are terribly weak, and 2) the A320 economy tray table is as unstable as it gets. I had to use my knee as an anchor under the tray table so that I could cut through the crust.

In conclusion, many had negative thoughts about the new pizza offering. However, after tasting it United and UNO have done a very good job of providing a quality and tasty classic offering for customers – however, unhealthy. All that being said, the United cheeseburger remains at the top of my United Economy Choice Menu. How about you? Have you tried the deep dish pizza yet?

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