United New Menu Items – Thai -Style Chicken Ciabatta

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Back in June United officially announced new and refreshed menu items in Economy, the Pizzeria UNO Spinach and Garlic Deep Dish Pizza being the most talked about. I didn’t fly at all in the month of July, so I hadn’t had a chance to try any of the new items. That changed a few days ago when I flew ORD-SAN-ORD in United Economy Plus. This is usually nothing to be excited about, however, this time there was the added incentive of new in-flight dining options. 

On my outbound leg of this trip I tried the UNO Deep Dish pizza, which to my surprise was absolutely solid. Now it was time to try out the Thai-Style Chicken Ciabatta. Being that Asian food, in particular Vietnamese and Thai are my wife and I’s favorites, I thought I’d have something to say about this one.

The ciabatta looks like this when handed to you:



In economy class not much can be expected when it comes to meal presentation, and this meal is as expected. Not sure what could be done about this, however, when thinking about practicality.


The flight attendants have it all figured out in terms of how many pizza’s to heat up and have ready for service. My ciabatta was served to me swiftly after paying for it. It was served hot, as it should be and fully cooked through.


After a few bites, I thought about Starbucks’ Roasted Tomato & Mozarella Panini, so if you like this Starbucks offering, chances are you will enjoy the Thai-Style chicken ciabatta. I could taste some of the herb-y and spicy Thai, but it honestly expected more. That being said, I did enjoy it, as I enjoy the Starbucks panini.

Eating it

One plus about the ciabatta is that unlike the Deep Dish pizza you don’t need to cut through crust with a plastic knife on an unstable tray table. So form that perspective this is quite easy to eat and even without using the tray table at all.

In conclusion, the ciabatta is not going to blow your mind away, but it’s just easy, and comfortable, safe…like Starbucks’ offerings. Again, the United cheeseburger remains at the top of my United Economy Choice Menu. How about you? Have you tried the Thai-Style Chicken Ciabatta yet?

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