United Mileage Run opportunity: 19k+ PQM’s at under $.04/mile

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I recently wrote about a United mileage run I took across the Pacific to earn me over 20k PQM’s.  Well today, via SecretFlying, I learned of yet another great opportunity to get ahead on your 2018 status qualification planning.  This time to Johannesburg, South Africa, for $695 and over 19k PQM’s. Although the offer talks about flying out of ORD, I did find decent priced availability from other cities, in particular other United hubs.  But regardless of where you’d fly out of, it’s worth it to check.  Let’s look at an example.

Though I found some availability in Lufthansa, my best bet in November from ORD is Swiss Air.  I used Google Flights for my search, and it yielded the following flight at $749 R/T:

After selecting flights, the next step is key if your intention is to earn United PQM’s.  You MUST select to book through United’s booking system, so that you can earn both PQM’s and award miles.  Otherwise because these are economy fares (K in this case) fares on partner flights, you likely won’t earn both:

Upon selecting United, you can then see your earnings:

Ideally, you have an e-cert you can use to maximize this run even more, although I still consider a booking in economy under 4 cents per mile to be a good one.  In order to determine what type of fare earns you want on partner flights booked through United, you can visit United’s website here, and select the partner in question.  The earnings do vary from partner to partner so make sure to double check.

If you decide to jump on this one be sure to let me know, and who knows, I might decide to join in the fun!

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