Did United just catch a ‘Polaris delay’ break?

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The United Polaris’ Zodiac seat recently lost out to Delta One’s Thompson Vantage XL seat at the Crystal Cabin Awards.  The Vantage XL has some really neat features, the most desired of which its doors that give it a first class feel, meanwhile retaining direct aisle access.  Interestingly enough there’s barely any Polaris seats out in the market and Delta announced that it would introduce the V XL upon taking delivery of its A350’s.  Given that Zodiac has been having serious delay issues (although I just read that a new 777-300ER has been outfitted) it would be embarrassing if after all the unorthodox Polaris marketing campaign, including its seat, Delta ended up with just as many V XL seats out flying as United quickly after launch.  

Today, however, Delta has announced the deferral of their A350 orders.  I’m sure Oscar and Kirby are breathing a little bit easier now.  We’ll have to wait and see how this impacts the retrofit schedule that Delta had outlined after its A350 were in the air and sporting the V XL seat.  Even if Delta begins outfitting its 777 fleet with the new seat, they’re still old planes.  United is outfitting brand new 777-300ER’s with the Zodiac Polaris seat.  There’s just something about a brand new plane…

One thing is certain, the battle between these two juggernauts continues, but today a small win for United.

Delta One Thompson Vantage XL seat

United Polaris Zodiac seat



*Images from delta.com and united.com respectively.  Featured image from united.com

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