01/2017 United Club Chicago O’Hare (B6 Gate)

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United launched an initiative this past year to build the new United Polaris Lounges and renovate many of the other lounges throughout the US.  ORD airport is a big focus of this initiative given the aged state of the clubs there, so I was excited to have a chance to visit the renovated club by the B6 gate (there’s another United club by gate B18).

Upon entering and checking in, stairs take you up to the 2nd floor into a wide open lounge area.  As you keep walking you enter several lounge, workspace and bar areas divided by the signature blue glass walls.   Just a bit further in and you find the self-service magazine shelf.  If you don’t find anything of your liking there then you can always download the Foli app.  Also, you’ll find two salad-bar’s, which have complimentary fresh veggies and fruits, as well as several complimentary hot soups to choose from.  Hot tea, Illy coffee, and soft drinks are also available and complimentary.  There are also several fruit-infused water dispensers to choose from.  In short, you won’t go thirsty or hungry even if you don’t want to spend any money.  Toward the back you’ll find the full bar, where you can enjoy specific complimentary drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  There’s a menu distributed throughout the lounge with details about complimentary drinks, as well as available food and beverages at a cost.

The entrance to this renovated United Club is very modern and attractive.

Here’s what the thumbs say:

1) Layout:

  • Thumbs Up – Because of the very high ceiling and the mixed area layout, the lounge feels spacious and open.  It’s easy and comfortable to move around it, as all areas from salad-bars to the restrooms to the bar are easily accessible.
  • Thumbs Down – I’d prefer a direct view of the tarmac.  Currently it’s location doesn’t allow for a direct view.

2) Staff:

  • Thumbs up – Club is very well staffed.  They are very attentive, and are constantly picking up after visitors and cleaning the food and beverage areas, as well as restocking all pertinent items.

3) Cleanliness:

  • Thumbs Up – Very clean throughout, including restrooms.  Staff keeping it very tidy.

4) Amenities:

  • Thumbs Up – High-speed internet, I wasn’t expecting my laptop to quickly connect to.  Seats are comfortable with plenty power outlets for you and your neighbor(s).

5) Food:

  • Thumbs Up – The cheddar broccoli soup I had was hot and savory.

6) The Crowd:

  • Thumbs Up – I visited at about 6pm on a Friday evening and it was about 1/6 full, so Friday evenings are great to come in.  I imagine it gets crowded at other times/days.

In conclusion, the renovation of this club has indeed made it a nice and quiet place to crash during layovers.  It gives out a great vibe and the attentiveness of the staff makes the visit that much better.  I really hope United is able to upkeep this location and that the staff continue providing the great customer service that I received, even years down the road.  Remember you can enjoy two complimentary United Club passes every year that you hold a United MileagePlus credit card.  This is a value of $118.

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