United has been busy helping Puerto Rico

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As you know, Puerto Rico finds itself in what’s probably the grimmest situation in its history. It’s going to be quite a long journey until Puerto Ricans regain some semblance of normalcy, my family included. United Airlines operates nonstop to Puerto Rico to/from hubs in Chicago, Newark, Houston, Washington, and Cleveland (seasonally). That’s plenty of service to an island the size of Puerto Rico – 100x35mi. United has made clear its commitment to Puerto RIco, in particular during these difficult times.

On October 4th 777-300ER flight 2709 from Newark took more than 300 first responders and skilled workers, and more than 35,000 pounds of essential supplies to San Juan. Among the volunteers were nurses, doctors, engineers, carpenters, electricians, truck drivers and firefighters. The aircraft returned to Newark on the same day with evacuees from Puerto Rico, who were provided complimentary seats. It’s important to note that the crew was made up of volunteers also, as this was an unscheduled flight. Read the full story here.


You can read the story of one of the evacuees here. Lillian said the following:

“I feel so very lucky to be on this flight, but there are so many people back home that are still in such dire need. I can’t stop thinking about those left behind that are still struggling greatly.”

Several days ago Houston received its first flight from San Juan after almost two weeks without operating with a water salute.


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