United to begin on-board credit card pitch July 1

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United president Scott Kirby recently mentioned that they intended to begin on-board credit card marketing. This has been officially communicated and day 1 is July 1.

In the meantime United has already begun revamping in-plane credit card marketing. I flew United Express last week and found newly-printed marketing cards that I don’t remember seeing in United Express flights before.

Additionally, via VFTW’s Gary Leff, United has also begun handing out credit card ‘offer mints’ which include a code to the offer. Quite creative of United, who is usually lacking in operational creativity to Delta and American, and when it does feel creative (e.g. basic economy fares) it’s not a good thing.  Here’s a photo of the mints.

In the past United has also targeted folks via the UA app, although I haven’t seen or heard of any reports that this is currently still going on. Likely United wasn’t able to connect the dots and target ONLY those who are eligible. Instead, United will focus efforts on-board, and this should solve that problem. Beware, however, that there may be offers such as this one, that are better than those on-board, so always do your due diligence in order to ensure you get the most value out of the credit card application.

*Featured image from Chicago Business Journal.

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