Time to have the United award calendar fixed

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One of the main reason I’m a United and Star Alliance loyalist is how easy it usually is to book award flights.  After all, isn’t that the whole point of the points game?  But today I’m looking for some Labor Day weekend flights and the United award calendar is getting the best of me.  I’ve never complained much about this particular issue, though it’s been well documented online.  But after so long, why can’t United just fix their availability calendar already?!

The award calendar is meant to show the saver economy/premium award availability across a two-month period, so that you don’t have to check one day at a time.

This is United’s award calendar for one of my searches, for September the 5th:

Pretty straightforward, right?  The solid line shows days in which there’s saver economy availability, and the dotted line shows days in which there’s saver premium availability.  But…

See a problem here?

Although according to the calendar there’s neither saver economy nor premium availability, there’s plenty of premium partner availability to choose from.  This error is wide-spread and although I’ve tried to find some kind of pattern, there doesn’t seem to be one other than the calendar is just broken.  This bug may deem the calendar pointless, as because of it I search even blank dates, just in case.

In conclusion, this isn’t news and United surely is aware.  But given that United is now in a rebuilding and customer refocusing period, what better time than now to get it fixed.

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