United App now features a Basic Economy filter

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The United App is now allowing you to filter out the unpopular Basic Economy fares.  How about that for an enhancement?  Regardless of how we feel about these new, and misleadingly marketed fares, the fact is we’ll have to live with them, as now all three major airlines are offering them.

I’m not sure whether this new feature was there since United’s Basic Economy pilot, but I just happened to notice it last week.

When you select Book a Flight in your United app, you arrive at the following screen, with the new filter Show Basic Economy fares.  The interesting part is that the default behavior is to filter them out, so if you wanted to select a basic fare, you’d have to select to include them in the results, whereas no action is required to keep them hidden from your results screen.  I’m assuming this is one of the ways United is keeping some leverage in case customers decide to claim later that they didn’t want a Basic Economy fare.

As expected, if I do nothing, I get no Basic Economy fares in my results.

As expected, if I take action and set the Show Basic Economy fares to Yes, I get Basic Economy fares in my results.

In conclusion, even though these fares aren’t welcome news, especially for the frequent flyer, United is taking measures to prevent customers from mistakenly selecting one of these when they  don’t desire to.  That marketing though…

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