Two Fitness items that I bring with me on my travels

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It’s not enough to travel all over the world on Star Alliance because of being Points Fitness.  It’s important to stay physically healthy and fit, as well.  For one, you’ll likely live longer, but you’ll also enjoy your travels more and will be able to partake in activities that require a certain level of fitness.  I’m not talking about being a pro-athlete, but simply being healthy and being able to go on a full day hike, or run a short race abroad, or go on a bike tour in some cool city.  Even if you don’t enjoy any of these, it’s still good to know you can do them. 🙂  Which is why I post monthly about gyms and workouts I do while travelling.  So now I’ll share with you the fitness items that I pack with me everywhere I go.

There’s no such thing as the best shoes for working out, or the best shoes for working out.  The best workout shoes are the ones that feel the best to you, plain and simple.  So rather than spending hours reading online about new shoe technology and reviews, spend more time instead actually trying shoes.  Yes, it can take a while to find YOUR shoes.  But once you do, nothing beats the feeling!  My favorites are those that have a barefoot feel to them.  Here are my choices:

New Balance Minimus Trail Running Shoe 

I use this shoe for cross-training and HIIT type workouts.  It’s extremely minimalistic and allows your feet to breathe as you workout.  They’re super light and the ‘trail running’ aspect gives you additional traction and grip when doing workouts that require jumping, climbing, running, etc.  They also provide great stability for olympic weightlifting and other strength lifts.  You might have seen before at your gym buff dudes taking off their shoes to squat or deadlift.  Well with these shoes there’s no need, as you’re essentially barefoot with them on.

If I’m planning on only doing cardio activities, then I instead bring my Reebok CrossFit Sprint 2.0 shoes, which provide a bit more support for the longer cardio workouts like running, hiking, etc.

Rogue Fitness Speed Jump Rope

Jumping rope is such a good exercise.  It’s great for sweating and stamina, but also great for core and arms strengthening.  As you get good, there are fun variations like double unders, that will require a speed rope.  My speed rope of choice has the best weight balance I’ve found between handles and ropes.  Gives you the speed you need for more complex exercises, while allowing you to keep the right form.

I plan to write at a later time about lighter equipment to have at home, but for the most part, these two will sustain your fitness during your travels.  In May, I’ll be on a short trip to Copenhagen and then travelling to Morocco and will definitely pack these.  Get in the habit of doing so even if you don’t think or feel using them. You might surprise yourself!

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