There’s still a way to get around the $75 close-in award booking fee

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how this trick is no longer working online. Unfortunately in this case, United’s IT folks have been hard at work.  But fortunately, there’s still a way to get around the fee, and one that I hadn’t used before until earlier this week.

Though the workaround is no longer working online, calling United directly to make your reservation may do the trick.  I credit this Twitter exchange for my trying this method. You can go about it in two ways:

  • Make your reservation fully on the phone (this is what I did)
  • Make your far out reservation online, and afterward make the change to within 21 days on the phone (more commonly used method)

Either case may or may not result in the fee being waived, as it depends on the rep. If while on the phone the rep informs you of the fee, then just say you’re going to think about it instead and try calling again to get a different rep. I only called twice and there’s no need for asking to waive the fee or anything of the sort. Hopefully some can benefit form this moving forward.

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