Seat map for 767-300 Polaris business cabin revealed

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Via OMAAT, @airlineflyer and @jmmccarthy2002 tweeted yesterday about a new cabin seat map that has been reveled on United’s website.  It’s the 767-300’s Polaris business cabin seat map. United began rolling out the Polaris seats earlier this year, but only on new 777-300ER aircraft and after a series of delays. Because of the delays the United Polaris seat tracker had been adjusted to show a 2017 fall rollout for the 767-300 aircraft. I feared this delay pattern would push these dates even further and into 2018. Fortunately, OMAAT reports that United is already retrofitting one 767-300 aircraft!



  • 30 Polaris seats (1-1-1 configuration)
  • 46 Economy Plus seats (2-3-2 configuration)
  • 138 economy seats (2-3-2 configuration)

@airlineflyer also commented that the seat width back in economy should be ‘18.5ish’.  This is welcome news to those who have flown the 777-300ER’s infamous economy.

Specs chart

It’s interesting to note that United has essentially kept the same amount of seats in each cabin as other 767 configurations. It may be a concern for some, but thankfully in the 767, as opposed to the 777-300ER, the ratio of lavatories per seat in premium class has remained the same as well. I would argue then that flying United’s Polaris-outfitted 767’s will be more pleasant than it’s newer ER fleet, throughout all cabins.

In conclusion, it’s great to see that soon there will be more Polaris seats out there. For those of us that don’t fly out of or through SFO and EWR, it’s been a bit of a bummer seeing all the ER’s being assigned there (primarily to replace the soon-to-be-retired 747 fleet). With the 767’s being outfitted though, others like me out of ORD may not have to wait much longer to fly the Polaris seat from one’s hub.

Earlier today The Points Guy shared some exclusive photos of United’s newly Polaris retroffited 767-300.

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