A quick glimpse into United’s future 737 fleet

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Following its agreement with Boeing to convert 100 737 Max 9 orders to 737 Max 10 orders right out of the Paris Air Show, United is giving us a look into what their 737 fleet will look like in coming years. You can visit the United Hub to see more details about this aircraft set to be delivered in 2020.The 737 family of aircraft is possibly the best-selling aircraft family of all time with two 737’s touching the ground every 5 seconds across the world. Chances are that regardless of how often or where you travel, at some point you’ve traveled in a 737. The 737 has been produced in 3 series: classic (-300, -400, -500), Next Gen (-600, -700, -800, -900), and now Max (-7, -8, -9, -10). Here are the latest improvements:

  • more overhead bin capacity for customers
  • AT winglet improves fuel efficiency
  • engine with reduced noise, and carbon and NOx emissions
  • improved landing gear capabilities and breaking performance
  • extended range

The Boeing 737 family, of course, competes mainly with Airbus’ A320 family. I personally prefer the A320 family, as I find them to be much more comfortable for the flyer. However, airlines do value the 737 family’s reliability – and so should we. Here’s a look at the United’s 737 fleet now and into the future:

Though Continental operated an all-Boeing fleet including the sort to medium range 737’s, United did prefer the A320. It’s clear now what the airline’s vision of their future fleet is: Boeing. As an interesting note, United’s partner Lufthansa, who now exclusively flies the airbus A320 family on short to medium routes, was the launch customer of the first 737.

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