Purchase gift cards online with eGift Cards – Powered by MPX

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I endlessly talk about the MileagePlus X app and what a valuable tool it is for us United flyers.  Since a couple of months ago United launched what in essence is the MileagePlus X app, but online: eGift Cards – Powered by MileagePlus X.  

The site’s FAQ section describes both

What is MileagePlus eGift Cards?
MileagePlus eGift Cards is a webpage powered by MileagePlus X that allows members to use or earn miles to purchase egift cards from popular merchants. Eligible members can use miles or a credit card to purchase egift cards for themselves or as a gift for someone else. The egift card will be delivered via the purchase receipt.
What is MileagePlus X?
MileagePlus X is a mobile app that allows members to earn or use award miles when they shop or dine at participating merchants. Both MileagePlus X and MileagePlus eGift Cards offer the same merchants and offers and much of the same functionality. You can download the app on the Apple or Android app store on your device. Visit the MileagePlus X page to learn more.
Will I be able to view and use purchases made on the eGift Cards webpage in the MileagePlus X app and vice versa?
Yes, any egift cards you purchase will be available to view and use in the Purchases section on both the eGift Cards webpage and the MileagePlus X app.
Differences between the MileagePlus X app and eGift Cards – Powered by MileagePlus X
eGift Cards – Powered by MileagePlus X defaults the payment method to Pay with Miles, while the MPX app defaults the payment method to be a credit card instead. In either case you can switch.
Through the MPX App gift cards are always received immediately  while through eGift Cards – Powered by MileagePlus X there may be a delay of ‘a few days’.


Unlike the MPX App, eGift Cards – Powered by MileagePlus X allows you to send the gift card to someone else as a gift. You can make this selection in the screens shown above where you select the form of payment.

The most critical of the differences outlined here is the receipt of the gift card itself. If you select to purchase a gift card through the online portal, and not the app, ensure that you allow enough room to receive the gift card via e-mail. ‘A few days’ is not very descriptive so use your judgement. But there will be times in which the ability to send the gift card to someone else will come in handy. I know I’ll benefit from that myself.

After purchasing a $10 Starbucks gift card, I received the e-mail below.

25% Chase Explorer card bonus

One of the coolest aspects of the MPX App is that if you hold a Chase Explorer card, you earn 25% bonus miles on your purchase. Fortunately, the bonus is likewise earned in the online portal, as seen below.


In conclusion, although there’s nothing really in terms of innovation with this online portal (aside from the additional capability to send gift cards to someone else) it does provide with yet another avenue to earn United miles. Also, the fact that your earnings balance is synced between the two makes it that much easier to keep track of your earnings. Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Purchase gift cards online with eGift Cards – Powered by MPX

  1. thanks for this — i wasn’t aware of it. i’m hoping it works overseas … the bummer with mileage plus X is that you have to physically be in the US for it to work. if this one works overseas that will be great for online shopping.

    1. I doubt that it ‘works’ overseas. Because it’s powered by MPX it will carry a large part if not all the same t&c’s as the MPX app. That being said maybe using a US VPN in this new site might work, especially since now you can send the gift card to someone else. I’ll research that and get back to you.

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