Will new uniforms for United front line employees boost morale

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United employees received an e-mail yesterday informing them that they’d be getting new uniforms, though this is still in preliminary stages.  There’s already chatter going on about this out on FlyerTalk.

According to an FT member:

All departments will be getting new uniforms. Male FAs, male CS, and male pilots will be by Brooks Brothers, Female FAs, female CS, and female pilots by Tracy Reese, and Ramp/Tech Ops/Catering from CarHartt.

I really hope United and these partners step it up.  It’s an opportunity to change an otherwise dull, old-fashioned, and just sad company image, while  at the same time giving a much needed morale boost to employees.  When we like the way we look we’re generally in a better mood, which hopefully will translate into great customer service across the board.  At the same time, they would definitely do well to learn from American Airlines’ uniform debacle this past year.  It got ugly.  United has had enough ugly this year.

United won’t like this, but the standard (not necessarily the style) should be the gulf carriers’ FA uniforms.  Many Asian carriers likewise have professional, high-class, fun, and yet distinct uniforms that separate them from the rest.  You know what I’m referring to, when an Emirates, Thai, Qantas crew walks by, it’s like everything stops at the terminal and everyone has to look.  Even in America, Air Canada Rouge and Virgin America have stepped it up with unique and hip styles.  Meanwhile the big three US carriers’ uniforms in the air and on the ground couldn’t be more boring.  Time for a change!

Of course, FT users couldn’t let this opportunity pass without submitting some of their own distinct suggestions, such as the following:

*Featured image courtesy of newsroom.united.com

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