New MileagePlus X Merchant – Home Depot

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There’s a new lucrative miles earning merchant on MPX and this one is big for contractors. Up until now, Lowe’s was the only home improvement store to participate in MPX. Now there are two options. Some contractors preferring to shop at the Home Depot either lost on the opportunity to earn bonus miles, or shopped were they didn’t want to in order to earn the miles. Now, they can have it all: earn the miles, where they want to. Home Depot matches Lowe’s 1 mile/$ spent, and though not the most lucrative ratio there is, for those who spent thousands on a monthly basis this could mean the doubling of their United miles earnings.

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The MPX app is one of the reasons why MileagePlus is superior to AAdvantage and SkyMiles (though there are more). Make sure to make the most out of it, especially when diversifying our points strategy is more important than ever, as airlines and banks alike continue to make it more difficult for us to earn our precious points and miles.

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