New DOSH app for cash back and travel

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I think I speak for most of us in the points and miles game that cash back is superior to points and miles.  Nothing like earning cash back for one’s spend, and of course, we are constantly in the lookout for ways to maximize it.  In come DOSH.  DOSH is the cash back app for a brand new card linked loyalty program that is currently on a public BETA and can be downloaded via App Store and Play Store.

What is DOSH

Here’s a blurb from the DOSH makers themselves:

Dosh is an app that will launch on April 19th and is focused on positively impacting people’s lives by putting more cash back in their pockets. Our mission is to use technology, partnerships, and the billions of dollars spent in the ad industry to transform everyday spending for everyone, everywhere.

So, that’s nice, but what does that mean?

Dosh connects with your credit and debit cards; then every time you use your cards, Dosh auto-magically finds the coupons and offers that match up to your purchases and puts the cash into your Dosh account. It’s SERIOUSLY that simple! Plus, when you book travel with Dosh, you’re guaranteed the best price and you’ll get cash back on your bookings. The Dosh app will be available to download on 4/19.

How does it work

I’d describe DOSH as a United’s MileagePlus X app but for cash back.  This could be a big win.  The interface is very simple in my opinion, although of course many will have something different to say.  Essentially you register your credit cards with the app, as you would with MPX, and as you purchase with DOSH partners, you earn DOSH $, which is esentially cash back that you can get deposited to your bank account or donate to charity.  Furthermore, DOSH partners with online merchants as well as physical merchant locations, whose offers are geo-targeted depending on your location.

To incentivize new members, DOSH gives $5 DOSH after registering your first card, and $1 DOSH thereafter as you register additional cards.  I registered three cards, so I currently have $7 DOSH without purchasing anything at all!


Once registered, you can earn $5 DOSH for every registration you refer.  If you haven’t yet registered to try DOSH out and earn cash back, you can use my referral link.

I’m currently in the process of making my first purchase via DOSH and will post about my experience soon.


2 thoughts on “New DOSH app for cash back and travel

  1. Wondering if a ‘better deal’ (somehow changed or booked initially through Dosh) would invalidate a guest’s elite benefits if, for example a brand requires that reservations be made through the chain’s direct booking systems to guarantee those benefits. I see where Dosh states: “Book hotels through Dosh at amazing prices plus get incredible cash back” so that has me concerned.

    Any information on this?

    1. I actually made a reservation for a one-nighter coming up in a few weeks. I wondered the same thing but completely ignored the subject until i find out myself, instead of asking reps that won’t know what DOSH is. I have my fingers crossed, but like you I’m a little skeptical that my benefts will be honored. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it went!

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