This ‘known’ UA mobile app issue is a BIG deal

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Twitter user Czarina has shared screenshots of a BIG price discrepancy on UA business class fares between the Android and iOS United apps.  In the screenshot we can clearly see a price difference of $750 for the same exact ticket, iOS quoting the higher price.

The user communicated this problem to United to which they replied that it’s a known issue and proceeded to forward it to Web Support.  However, questions certainly arise:

  • how many iOS/Android users are affected?
  • how do they know whether they’ve paid in excess in the past?
  • what measure is United taking now to prevent any such instances while the issue is being resolved?

The answer to these questions could potentially cost UA a lot of money.

I’ll try to get more information as soon as possible.  In the meantime, however, be careful when booking through your mobile device, especially iOS.  Double-check your price online before you finalize the booking, or at least within 24-hours of booking.



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