MileagePlus X Back to School Bonus merchants

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We’re seeing 10x bonus earnings on the MPX app again, this time as a Back to School promotion. I don’t get tired of writing about the MileagePlus X app.  In my mind, it’s one of the reasons why United’s frequent flyer program MileagePlus is superior to American’s and Delta’s.  The easier it is to accumulate miles the easier it is to fly for free!  There are plenty of  methods, and surely some yet to be discovered, with which to earn United miles. Though you should be taking advantage of the app always, it’s especially ideal and lucrative when there are bonus miles to be earned.  Now through June 18th select merchants earn 10 miles per dollar!  See how you can maximize the use of the app in this post by double/triple dipping and additional bonus for being a MP Explorer card holder. 

10x merchants


Banana Republic

Bath & Body Works



Old Navy

8x Merchants

Buca di Beppo


Cold Stone Creamery

Krispy Kreme

Office Max

ULTA Beauty


There may be more merchants available at these earning rates in your area, so check other areas/cities as well in the field shown below. Remember that you’re purchasing a gift card, so the store location doesn’t matter.  The app simply makes it easy for you to see what participating merchants are currently near you, but you can certainly purchase a gift card for a merchant elsewhere.

“But I don’t need to do any shopping right now”

I always try to pass on offers/promotions that mean additional spending and which we don’t have planned or budgeted. However, it might be good to think hard on whether in a few months you might be doing some of the shopping that you’re not doing right now. It’s happened to us on numerous occasions. We don’t want to purchase anything now, only to find ourselves at the mall 2 months later at the very same store that had this great promo. So perhaps it’d still be a good idea to take advantage of this offer and hold the gift cards for a couple of months. Naturally, ensure that you can pay off the credit card you use in its entirety so that you’re not charged interest while you wait to make your purchases. Interest beats the point of miles earnings.

Hopefully many of you can take advantage of this promotion! 10x earnings is not that commonly seen with MileagePlus X.

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