MileagePlus GO card sign-up links now working

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Last week I wrote about the new MileagePlus Go prepaid card official launch by United. This prepaid card is an addition to the methods to earn MileagePlus miles and the first of its kind: a miles-earning prepaid card. Very quickly it became evident that this wouldn’t be one of the most recommended miles-earning methods, if at all recommended. Yet, it’s clear to me that some in very particular circumstances can draw benefit from using this card. When I initially wrote the launch post, most links to get the card weren’t working, but now they are and I’ve ordered my MileagePlus Go card.

Three easy steps get you GOing:

Let’s make something clear. There’s absolutely NO penalty or commitment for ordering this card. The $85 annual fee is charged after the first load. So you can order your card and not use it ever, or use it at a later time. Here are some relevant FAQ’s.

I’ll report back once I receive the card on what is it exactly that I’m going to do with it.  I’m still not sure.

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