Lufthansa’s branding is impacting

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I love United’s partner Lufthansa. I love the Frankfurt airport. I love Germany. I love Germans. It took several visits for all the above to grow on me. If I could choose to live in any country in Europe, it’d be Germany. The main reason? Common sense. Don’t get me wrong, there are of course things about the Germans that are not necessarily easy for us Westerners to understand. But in all of my interactions with people, in all my use of any services, things just make sense. From your first stop at the Frankfurt airport you’ll know what I mean.

Brands like Apple, Nike, Lego, Amazon, Coca-Cola… they’re all visually striking across the board. Lufthansa is nothing less than that. From airport counters to agent attire there’s an undeniable cohesion that makes you feel at ease, safe, and above all like you made the right choice.  I took a few photos at Frankfurt about a month ago. You’ll see what I mean:

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