Keeping FIT abroad series: Dorado, Puerto Rico

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Travelling has never been a reason for me not to get my workout in.  Both my wife and I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects, so it comes to no surprise that the name of this blog, though primarily about travel points and miles, has the word fitness in it.  The healthier and fitter you are, the more you can do and enjoy.  The same applies to points and miles -and so that’s the reasoning behind the name of the blog, Points Fitness.  Whether you fly abroad to lazy it up at a beach, or to complete an obstacle run of marathon, it’s all the same… you’re ready and FIT for it.  Being FIT simply expands the range of options you have when you travel.  For this reason I’m very excited that airports will help us to keep fit too!  So what I’ll be doing is writing posts from time to time about my experiences keeping active away from home.  At the same time, I’ll throw in some information about eating good stuff abroad, as sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do.  At home we’re mostly gluten-free, and we’ve found that even when travelling, just like getting your workouts in, maintaining your healthy diet doesn’t have to be put on a halt.  So without further ado, here’s my first fitness-related post.

Balneario Manuel Morales beach, just down the street from CF Swell.

In one of my most recent visits to Puerto Rico, I decided to get my workout in at my friend’s gym.  If you want to try the most rapidly growing fitness trend in the world, then visit Crossfit Swell, roughly 30-40 minutes from San Juan.  Swell has been in business now since November of 2012 and has developed into one of the most sought-after gyms in the PR metro area.  The coaches at Swell have even trained celebrities during their stay in Puerto Rico, as its close to several premier resorts.  Even with the success they’ve gained in recent years, the vibe still remains that of a small town gym; and regardless of your fitness regimen or methodology, you’re sure to get a great sweat after visiting.  The best part?  Walk about a minute from the gym and you’re set to take a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  What could be better?

Some of the things you can expect are:

  • interval training
  • bodyweight movements
  • basic gymnastic movements
  • weightlifting
  • running
  • rowing
  • rope jumping

All in all a very broad mix of movements and exercising that fuse into a very fun, yet very intense workout.  Although I’m not currently affiliated to any strength and conditioning gyms in any way, I do utilize much of this methodology in my own training and have reaped plenty of benefits from it.  Strength and conditioning gyms around the world bank on a mix HIIT-high intensity interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics, among others.  It’s a LOT of fun!!  How about you try it?  When you visit, let José know that Ricardo sent you and you’ll be taken care of.  #beastmode everyone!

The Workout

Warm-up, not for time:

5 rounds of

5 push-ups

10 sit-ups

15 air squats

Workout, for time:

21 wall balls, 21 burpees

15 wall balls, 15 burpees

9 wall balls, 15 burpees


2 thoughts on “Keeping FIT abroad series: Dorado, Puerto Rico

  1. Very cool. I haven’t visited that box yet, but I have gone to Barrio 12 in San Juan where I was treated very well. I look forward to visiting Swell the next time I’m in Puerto Rico.

    1. Sweet! Let me know when you’re gonna head there so I can talk to my buddy and it’ll be on the house. 🙂

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