Keeping Fit Abroad Series: Oak Brook, IL

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On occasion I have to travel away from home for my ‘normal’ job.  How can I complain about it?  I’m allowed to work remotely and culturally work/life balance is a very important thing.  Besides, travelling for work creates a great opportunity to earn miles and points.  Some weeks ago I was in Oak Brook, IL and decided to stay at Marriott hotel.  I’m currently in the middle of my Platinum status challenge, so this trip came at a perfect time.  How do the gym facilities in this hotel stack against the competition?  Let’s take a look.

I found the Oak Brook Marriott’s gym to be well outfitted for a hotel gym.  It’s got the usual treadmills, ellipticals, cable machine station, and a medium sized dumbell set.  But in addition it’s got a nice open area with kettlebells, jump ropes, and plyometric boxes.  This is were I spent most of my time.  There are also floor mats and stability balls for pilates-style workouts in this area.  Once done with a workout, enjoy some time at the jacuzzi and pool area.  For a week-long stay, this gym will definitely do.

Here are some photos:

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