Keeping Fit Abroad Series: Madrid, Spain

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On our way back home form Northern Africa, we had an overnight layover in Madrid. I didn’t pay too much attention to the hotel we booked, as we were planning on sightseeing during the afternoon/evening, and then going to bed to wake up the next morning and catch our flight back to the states. Little did I know that in the Madrid Marriott Auditorium hotel I’d find one of the best gyms I’ve ever seen in a chain hotel. You’ll see what I mean in the photos below.

First of all the gym is immaculate and has a sauna, so that’s already a plus. But the amount of equipment and variety of equipment is amazing. You’ve got your regulars, and then you have medicine balls, spin bikes, TRX cables, Smith machines, kettlebells, resistance cables stations, aaaand wait for it…a full monkey bar rig!!!  This is just not usual when it comes to hotel gyms, but as fitness regimens continue to diversify and millenials continue to be more health conscious than their predecessors (sorry X’s and Boomers), the demand will be there for better outfitted gyms at hotels.

Here are the photos:

The Workout (from the Crossfit playbook)

Warm-up, not for time:

3 shoulder press x 5

20 sit ups x 5

800m run x 1


As many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:

9 Burpees

15 Pull-ups

21 Kettlebell Swings 55 lbs

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