Keeping Fit Abroad Series: Beijing, China

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As part of one of my recent mileage runs to China, I spent a night (on United) at the Beijing Steigenberger Maximilian Hotel.  I know the Steigenberger family well from previous travels to Germany and know about their focus on wellness, so I didn’t mind that this was the hotel I was provided a voucher for.  The hotel had two sections, the main building, which had the newer and more expensive rooms, and then a separate building  with the not-so-cool rooms, though clean.  Guess which one I was in…  It was clean, however, and that’s all I needed for just 1 night.  One last comment… moving between the main and older building is seriously  like being in a corn maze.  I don’t understand what happened there, but if you ever stay here, be prepared to get lost trying to get back to your or lobby.

I had enough time to hit the gym and had it almost to myself.  It was well outfitted, and I was most happy about it having a squat rack, which very seldom hotel gyms have.  On the other hand, aside from dumbbells, there were no other free weights, like kettlebells, medicine balls, etc., which I like to use often.  Instead you’ll mostly find enough machines to work out your whole body, along with a couple that I had never seen before and couldn’t figure out what they were for.  Lastly, the hotel does have a stellar spa/wellness area with separated areas for men and women, which house showers, cold and hot pools, saunas, and massage rooms.

Here are some photos of the gym:

The Workout

Warm-up, not for time:

5:00 treadmill jog


Giant set x 4

8 incline dumbbell press, rest 30 sec.

8 dumbbell bench press, rest 30 sec.

8 decline push-up, rest 30 sec.

Superset x 3

10 bent-over lateral raise, rest 30 sec.

10 lateral raise, rest 30 sec.

Superset x 3

10 ez-curl skull crusher, rest 30 sec.

10 dip, rest 30 sec.

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