I just had my best domestic United First meal

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In recent weeks both View from the Wing and One Mile At A Time have written about the state of domestic first class meals, in particular American Airlines’.  Considering I haven’t flown American domestic in years, I can’t argue.  I can, however, talk about United’s domestic first class meals, and although I wouldn’t say they’re amazing feats, I will say that they’re generally good enough.  I’m a fitness nut and my wife ensures that we eat as healthy as possible.  Yes, there’s a lot of green-colored items in our diet.  My point is I don’t like to eat things that I find to be unhealthy, with the exception of a careless weekend every now and then.  I do eat my United domestic first class meals, and with a clean conscience throughout and after.  But this past week, I just had a meal that was plain excellent.

I was flying United First back to Chicago from Houston.  The dinner options were a Chicken Katsu meal or a Spanish Paella.  I hadn’t yet tried the paella, so I went with it, even though I’m not much of a seafood guy.  The dish itself is very colorful and attractive.  It sells itself, especially in comparison to the looks of the Chicken Katsu meal that the guy next to me chose.  No wonder it’s featured in united.com’s premium cabin dining page.  But what about the taste?

This was no airplane food.  It’s delicious!  The rice was lose, and yet not hard – perfectly cooked.  By itself it would’ve been good enough.  But then the meats just added the right amount of ‘sazón’ as we say in Puerto Rico.  No dryness here.  Just an excellent dish with many flavors complementing each other extremely well.  Additionally, the salad with its sesame ginger dressing was the right appetizer to get those taste buds ready for the main dish.  If you have the chance, try this dish.  You won’t be disappointed.

*Featured post photo from united.com

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