The joy of sharing this hobby with loved ones

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Many of us have benefited so much from points and miles! We’ve been able to travel beyond what we perhaps thought possible earlier in our lives. We’ve done it in comfort and luxury. We’ve destroyed the notion that travel is for the rich and/or famous. We’re living proof that it’s all attainable if we dedicate a little bit of time and effort every month into what after all really is a fun hobby. That being said, it may be that while we hoard hundreds of thousands of points, we become greedy in the process, always looking to satisfy an insatiable need desire for more and more points or miles or cash back. I argue that there’s a danger in this because usually bad traits transfer to most if not every aspect of our lives. So what’s the solution, then? What could keep us grounded?

Share your points!

Yes, sharing your points wealth is the key to keeping you grounded and preventing you from having a ‘me, me, me’ attitude. Also, share your knowledge with others. Teach friends and family your tricks for frugal travel. Though we tend to forget, there’s no better feeling than doing/giving something for/to others free of charge.

I’ve used my own points to fly family members and friends in times of need, especially. Recently, on the other hand, I had the pleasure of helping my parents gather their own points for a round-trip business class trip from Puerto Rico to Morocco.  The price tag on their tickets was over $16,000! I think their facial expression says it all. They shared the below photos with me as they went about their trip.


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