IAH New Terminal C North

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Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental airport is one of my two favorite United hubs in the US, and mostly because of the outside.  IAH is prime real-estate for spotting and photographing a large array of ‘heavies’, or wide-body planes.  In terms of airport terminal layout and operations, though, I’d quickly mention Denver Intl. as my favorite overall.  It’s so simple to navigate and provides one of the best views of the tarmac from inside the terminal throughout.  But last week, after visiting IAH’s new terminal C North, the scale might be tipping in favor of IAH over DEN.   (I previewed this new terminal prior to completion 2 months ago)  Let me tell you why. 

Review in photos

This terminal, though small, feels HUGE.  The high ceiling throughout and the floor to roof windows make it feel much larger than it actually is.  Walking through, even though it was at peak hour, it didn’t feel crowded one bit.  These aren’t your typical gates, they resemble a mini pub or bar, offering iPad’s for one’s personal use.  I especially like the gazebo style sitting area with its picnic style tables.

 If you’re hungry, you have some appealing choices

One significant enhancement in my opinion is how well customer service stations are located.  It felt like regardless of where you were within the terminal, there was a station nearby.

These are some really hip-looking gates

In conclusion, improvements such as these are certainly going to attract customers to United’s hubs, in this case Houston.  Yet, with many improvements within the last year, the recent incidents have made it even more important for United to impress.  Will they be able to keep up in the PR nightmare vs improvement race?

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