Groove Ring…for those who like to travel and be fit

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For the last almost 8 years I’ve worn a ring on my left hand.  I’ve worn it for so long that when I take it off, it feels like a part of me is missing.  More importantly, my wife is not happy.  But let me tell you why at one point I began to leave it home and to wear it much less than I used to.

Exhibit A

It was a beautiful 2013 morning in Kuşadası, Turkey.  Waking up to the breeze of the Mediterranean breeze and the prospect of spending the day basing in the Turkish sun…yes, it was a good day.  We visited the country with another couple and we had just arrived there the day before.  We were so excited to be there.  What could go wrong?  Well,  some hours later that morning we were in the water and my friend suddenly says “I think I just lost my ring!”.  Of course we all thought he was joking so we laughed it off for half a minute.  But quickly his facial expressions made it clear that it wasn’t a joke.  Can you see how something like this might mess up your day, maybe week?  We searched and searched for about an hour.  Nothing.  My friend resigned himself to having this bad taste in his and his wife’s heads as we explored Turkey, which by the way would be noticeable, which would then affect our mood as well!  Not cool.  So we tried to move on.  About a half hour after we stopped search though, I saw something shiny on the bottom of the ocean, and though I suspected what it was, I didn’t said a word until I was certain.  I grabbed it and held on to it for a couple of minutes while I decided how I would make this a ‘triumphant’ moment for me.  I was the hero.  I saved the day.  And yet, it wouldn’t be long until I was in my friend’s exact situation.

Here’s my buddy and his wife – obviously after the ring had been found.

Exhibit B

For years, when I go to the gym, I take off my ring when I do certain exercises.  Sometimes because it hurts, sometimes because I fear that I’ll scratch the ring and ruin it.  Well, I arrived home from the gym this one day and couldn’t find my ring in my bag.  I went back to the gym, asked the staff if anyone had found a ring and turned it in?  No.  Searched throughout the gym in particular those areas I was in earlier.  Nothing.  Then, the drive back home.  What made this particularly difficult is that my wife had warned me on many occasions to either leave it at home or leave it on, to avoid this.  It wasn’t the first time I spent a couple of days not knowing where my ring was.  Here was another time and I was banking BIG on finding it somewhere, just like all the other times.  My ring is irreplaceable for us because we purchased it in Egypt.  So it’s not like I’d be able to walk into my neighborhood jewelry store and find it there.  It has a special meaning for us.  I was bummed.  Then a week later I searched my bag again, and there it was.  Part of the bottom of the bag had ripped a little, creating a bit of a hidden pocket.  It had fallen in there.  Close one.

Exhibit C

A couple of months ago we flew to Paris for the weekend to meet my wife’s brother and wife, as they were vacationing through Europe.  What could be possibly wrong with using some miles to enjoy a weekend of great wine, croissants, and crépes with family, right?  Well for part of the weekend my brother-in-law couldn’t find his ring, only to find it in a corner of his suitcase on the last day we were together.  Although him and his wife were awesome about moving on without the ring, the topic would come up from time to time and sour the mood some.  It’s just not fun to lose one’s engagement ring!!

Ok, you get the point.  Traveling and/or working out don’t mix well with wedding rings, especially for us men.  So I had heard about the Groove Ring and I decided to give it a try since I figured there’s only so many times I could lose my ring and still find it.  Well the ring arrived a few days ago and I’ve worn it to the gym a couple of times and I love it!

Fast shipping and reasonable price. Ring comes in a nice black metal case.


You have different colors to choose from and 3 easy sizing methods. There are 2 thickness styles, regular and thin.


As you wear it, you can’t feel it, even while doing weightlifting or similar things. It’s silicone design with grooves in its inner part lets it breathe easily. It looks cool.


So are you ready to try it?  Also to note is they come with a lifetime warranty.  If it breaks, stretches, tears or if you lose it even, you get a new one!  This is a win for sure.  You and your spouse can keep telling everyone you’re married by wearing these, and yet protecting the original, more valuable ones, by leaving them safe at home as you travel or workout.  I can’t believe it took me so long to figure this one out.


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