Finally: Yearly United Club one-time passes going digital

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One of the perks of being a United MileagePlus Explorer or United MileagePlus Explorer Business cardholder is receiving two complimentary United Club one-time passes every year. That’s a value of $118. For years, United has sent paper copies of these one-time passes to cardholders. Well no more. United MileagePlus Explorer Personal and Business Cardholders are receiving a letter informing me that beginning November 2017, United Club passes will be added automatically to my MileagePlus account within 4 weeks of my Cardmember anniversary. Members will be able to access their digital passes on the United app or print them from See the full letter below.



  • Change applies to both the MileagePlus Explorer Business card and the Personal version of the card as well
  • Cardholders who currently have their paper one-time passes for the year, will receive their first digital passes on their next anniversary date

This change is certainly welcome because 1) who needs/wants more paper in their life, and 2) one can easily lose the physical copies. Hopefully this change is happening across the board. I’m sure bloggers or others giving away their United Club passes or selling them on E-bay won’t be happy. 🙂 You could also consider the Chase United MileagePlus Club card, which now boasts a 50k signup onus offer.

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