If you take an e-cert to fly a later flight, which flight’s pqm’s do you earn?

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Those of us who try to earn status with our preferred airline know the struggle.  It takes time, energy, and a lot of persistence, and if you’re not a frequent business traveler, it takes some money as well.  But in the end, we love the perks that come along with status, so we do a lot of spend on relevant credit cards and do mileage runs.  Naturally, in a very ODC manner, we keep track of our elite earning status to ensure we earn the elite qualifying miles/segments/dollars.  With United, these are called PQM’s, PQS’s, and PQD’s.  I made a mistake this past week that almost cost me A number of PQM’s, and there’s nothing worse than it being end of the year and you’re missing out on your desired status level by a small number PQM’s or PQS’s.

The night before my recent trip to Seattle begun, I was offered an e-certificate to take a later flight, which I accepted as it wouldn’t affect my planned schedule.

I barely gave a thought to my PQM’s when I accepted.  Later on when the points hit my MileagePlus account, I noticed the difference in PQM’s earnings between the fare I purchased and the ‘new’ reservation, and not to my favor.  Not good.

I immediately called United, and though the rep mentioned he understood the premier earnings are adjusted when the reservation changes, upon checking with his superiors, he confirmed that I should earn what I paid for, and not what I ended up flying.  Thankfully he advised that my account would be adjusted, and I would now earn 1920 PQM’s and 1.5 PQS’s per leg.  Hopefully this helps some of you at some point.

Here’s the adjustment:

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