Are you earning bonus United miles through MileagePlus car rental offers?

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The MileagePlus program is constantly running offers and promotions for renting cars with United’s partners. Not too long ago I posted about this targeted offer of 5,500 bonus United miles per rental. Fortunately, I had to rent a car recently and the points have come through and I thought it’d be good to share it with you.

I spent $58.18 on this rental altogether, receiving a 10% discount for booking through United (it could be up to a 40% discount in some cases). You can see below the earnings from my rental totaling the 5,500 bonus miles. Add to this that I’m also earning the usual Hertz points that I can use to redeem with them as well, and the points for using my credit card. Actually, if I used the Chase Sapphire Reserve $300 annual travel credit to cover the rentals then these are essentially free points.


Let’s say that I must rent a car four times a year and I manage to do it under promotions like this one. That’s a whooping 22,000 bonus miles for a minimal regular spend. We’re not suggesting, however, renting a car just to earn points, as their’s better methods to earn a larger return. But if you must rent a car, then do it through United and earn tens of thousands of bonus miles each year.

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    1. Some of them, like this one, are targeted so you should receive those via e-mail. Most are open to the public, though, and I’ll publish them on the blog. Though the one in the article just expired (I intended it as an example of the earnings), there still is a running promo of at least 2,750 per booking, though you may have a better offer. Check here: Scroll to the bottom and you’ll likely see your offer there.

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