Earn over 26 miles/$ with these MP Shopping increased earning rates through Friday and beyond

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I wrote some days ago about this MileagePlus Shopping portal bonus offer with the opportunity to earn up to 1,500 bonus miles. In this post I described how to stack MileagePlus Shopping portal purchases with MPX app purchases and in the end earn miles from 5 different avenues all in the same purchase. A day before that I wrote about this MileagePlus X app bonus offer with increased earning rates for some merchants. It’s been a good week for summer shopping indeed, and through Friday some MileagePlus Shopping portal stores have an increased earning rate that maybe you can take advantage of.  (Although I signal Friday as a deadline of sorts in this post, the steps I will highlight can be used at any point in time; I’m merely pointing out the stores whose increased earning rate ends Friday, though there are others with increased earning rates as well).

Here’s the ‘Summer Series’ bonus offer page out in the portal.

For your benefit, here’s an example of how to make use of this increase, as highlighted in the recent Shopping Portal bonus promotion post:

  1. Locate a merchant in both the MileagePlus X app and United’s shopping portal with an increased earning rate (e.g. Nike).
  2. Purchase a gift card through the MileagePlus X app for that merchant.
  3. Use that gift card to make a purchase through the shopping portal in one of the stores with increased earnings (e.g. Nike).
  4. Done!

This way you earn…

  • the miles per dollar from the MPX app (10 miles/$)
  • the miles per dollar form the Shopping Portal (15 miles/$)
  • the miles/points on your credit card for the purchase (depends on the card you use; if using MPE card, 1 mile/$)
  • the 25% bonus miles on the purchase, if you’re a United Explorer card holder
  • the shopping portal bonus, depending on your tier (500 or 1,500 bonus miles)

Hopefully some of you can leverage these offers that are currently running in parallel to maximize the earnings on your shopping.  As always, keep in mind if that if you weren’t planning on doing any shopping, then spending money just to earn these bonus miles may not be worth it, as there have been offers before that make spending more worth your while, like this one and this one. If you still want to take advantage of this offer however, ensure you’re able to pay off your credit card balance so as to not pay interest, and offset your earnings.

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