DOSH app Tech Support is unusually responsive

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If you’ve been following the blog for the last couple of months you know what the DOSH app is. If you missed the previous posts, DOSH is the cash back app for a brand new card linked loyalty program that is currently on a public BETA and can be downloaded HERE. In my mind, it’s the MileagePlus X of cash back. Same idea – depending on where you are DOSH will find offers and deals nearby for you to bank some cash back on purchases. Additionally, DOSH also allows you to earn cash back on hotel reservations, which could be quite lucrative for road warriors. An additional aspect that I covered last month was the ability to directly donate your earned cash back to charity – this is the coolest feature of the app by far, in my mind. In this post, I want to touch on a different facet of DOSH that may sometimes be overlooked: tech support.

Because I talk about DOSH as the MileagePlus X of cash back -being that this is a United Airlines oriented blog- my point of view is that compared to the support I’ve received when reaching out to MPX support. One thing to consider is that the DOSH app is still in a Public Beta phase, which is essentially real-world testing. During a Beta phase more bugs/issues are inherently expected. Although can be frustrating when things don’t work the way we expect them to, it’s even more frustrating when there’s no reliable support. I’ve reached out to DOSH tech support twice and twice have received the same level of support.

Here are the things that stood out to me:

  • response time no later than 1 business day from ticket being created.
  • no scripted/robotic responses – though there’s must be some established guidelines in terms of approaching customers, it doesn’t feel like someone is entirely copying and pasting a script and hitting Send.
  • weekly follow ups from tech support on status – if I’m remiss in responding, they follow up so as to not drag the issue longer than it needs to.
  • reasonable expectations set – support has been clear about what to expect, even if not necessarily what I’d like to hear.
  • workaround to issues provided – in one instance were there was no estimated date of resolution, support did offer to manually resolve my issue even before the app’s issue i encountered was.


With similar apps, such as with MPX, I find it difficult to reach technical support, at least in a timely manner. Often I have to reach out several times before I send a response only to receive an automated reply asking me to ‘remove the app from my phone, download it again, and that should resolve the issue’. This is handling and not supporting. By keeping the human factor present in tech support interactions with customers, DOSH keeps making a strong case as a must-have app on your phone.


Link to download the DOSH app

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