Don’t wait until you receive your PIN to use your e-cert on a booking

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I feel like there’s several topics that I won’t let go. Electronic Travel Certificates (e-certs) is one of them. Whether you use it for standard travel or for a status/mileage run, you win. Usually, one has to wait a couple of days between the date in which the e-cert is issued and the date in which you receive your PIN via e-mail. Is that the best United can do? Here’s a quick one for those who don’t have much experience with e-certs.

On several occasions I’ve found myself with an issued e-cert, and yet waiting for a PIN. This makes it seem as though one is forced to wait until that PIN is received via e-mail. But, what if I want to purchase a fare right now and I haven’t received my PIN? Call United. They can help you through your booking using the PIN, which they have access to, and waive any phone booking fees. If you don’t want United to help you book with your e-cert, they ARE able to e-mail you the PIN instantly. Some reps will say that this is not possible, but if you push enough, you’ll have yourself a PIN by the end of the call. They may be able to send you your original PIN, but if that fails for some reason, they can contact refunds and reissue the PIN which you would receive instantly. DO NOT settle for less if you want your PIN immediately. Just last week I had an e-cert reissued instantly and received it while still on the phone with the rep.

If you’re interested in receiving an e-cert, read this post. Furthermore, there may be occasions in which for one reason or the other you never receive an e-mail with a PIN or when you try using, it’s not working. The same holds true in these cases. Call United. I actually call every couple of months to check whether I have any unused e-certs. I usually do! Wouldn’t it be a pity to leave an e-cert on the table because you forgot about it? Being proactive will prevent you from incurring in my same mistake.

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