Configuration of United’s Boeing 737 Max 9 revealed

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At the Paris Air Show, United announced an order of 100 Boeing 737 MAX 10’s. They also have 61 Boeing 737 MAX 9’s in order, a number that went down after United converted some MAX 9 orders to MAX 10’s to become the biggest MAX 10 customer. Now United apparently has decided on the configuration for its new aircraft. As Skift’s Brian Summers shares, the new configuration looks to be 20 United First seats and 165 economy seats (36 economy plus?). This is 6 seats more than its predecessor, the 737-900. In this day and age ‘could be worse’ is almost a win.

I personally try to avoid flying 737’s and I’ll continue to do so moving forward with the latest generation. They’re the least comfortable planes in my opinion, especially medium-haul. It’ll get worse now with the increasing MAX ranges. A319’s and A320’s are both more comfortable and spacious, though they seem to require more maintenance. Hopefully Airbus cleans that up with the neo’s. Recently United President made comments that United wouldn’t be a Boeing exclusive buyer moving forward, though Airbus and United seemed not to be on the same page about the A321neo pricing.


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