Classified – Are you invited? I’m not

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There’s a new restaurant in (Newark) town. Classified is United’s new invitation-only restaurant in United’s Newark Terminal C. You can access the secretive website here, and enter your MileagePlus credentials to verify whether you’re ‘in’ or not. I’m not ‘in’ at this point and from different data points in FlyerTalk that at this time mostly Global Services customers that have upcoming travel through Newark are being invited, though no one seems to know what the exact criteria is. 1K and million miler Zach Honig from The Points Guy who often flies via EWR was not invited and neither was Matthew from Live and Let’s Fly.

Photos of the restaurant from Classified’s website, and shared in by limey1k on FlyerTalk:

Originally, the menu was accessible without having to sign in, but now it has been locked down too. See the latest version here.

I honestly thought tat there was enough decent food in Terminal C in Newark. OTG manages and they’ve been doing a great job both in Newark and also in Houston’s Terminal C. If you looked at the prices in the link provided above…well, it’s pricey. Can the quality of the food at Classified justify that kind of spend? We’ll have to wait and see…or will we. We have to wait for the invitation first, remember?

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