California Travel Waivers in Effect for departures 2/17 – 2/18

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The most powerful storm to hit the Southland in seven years is making its way into the region, bringing heavy winds, snow and torrential rain that has raised the specter of flash flooding on Friday, as ABC News meteorologists report. The massive weather system will be marked by gusts of up to 50 mph and possible afternoon water spouts off Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and San Clemente. A flash flood watch is in effect for Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  For this reason, airlines have put out travel waivers for travelers to change their flights without penalty.  For instance, you can find United’s travel waiver information here.

As an example, see a screenshot of United’s current travel waiver chart for 2/17 and 2/18.  Make sure to call United as soon as possible to make the needed schedule changes and plan to be on the phone for longer than usual since call volumes will be higher than normal.  Note that the waiver applies for changes to the same class and up to on or before 2/21.

In conclusion, while badweather can make a nightmare out of a planned trip, there’s not much that can be done, so it’s best to try and take it in stride.  Herein lies another reason why it’s so important to be points and miles fit.  If you’re away from home and flights are cancelled because of weather, you may need to spend some nights at a hotel, which you can do for free if you have a stash of points available to use.  So points aren’t only for planned trips, but also for when there are unscheduled travel changes.

What are you waiting for?  Call your airline to change your flight NOW…the sooner you call the more flight options to choose from you’ll have.

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