Bistro on Board Egg White Flatbread discontinued after less than two months

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I flew United Premium Economy three times recently, as my upgrades didn’t clear. Although of course I would’ve preferred upgrading, it’s good to see how things are going in the back. United introduced new and refreshed menu items in early July, so in the last week you’ve seen posts about the UNO deep dish pizza and the Thai-style chicken ciabatta. I was hoping to try the Egg White Flatbread also, but it sounds like I won’t get to. This dish substituted the Egg Scramble breakfast dish previously offered.

I asked for the dish and the FA said that they were out. “Of course you are” I thought. Then he explained that it has been discontinued because it didn’t sell. I asked him to repeat just to determine his certainty, and he did seem quite sure of what he was saying. It seems like a rather short amount of time to decide to ax a dish that hasn’t sold as expected. It hasn’t even been three months since it was launched, but I guess United isn’t playing any games when it comes to $.

This leaves customers with no egg based dish for breakfast! ‘Ricardo, but the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich…’ Stop! No…just…no. You won’t see a review of that ‘dish’ here.

You might be fortunate and land in a plane that’s serviced some of the flatbread that is still on stock and hasn’t expired(hopefully) but at this point I doubt it. I’ve asked United about it but they haven’t responded yet. Although in the hard copy menu on planes the item is still showing, it has been removed from the online Choice Menu. It actually looked and sounded good to me and was meant to be sold as a combo along with a cup of Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Will we see the return of the egg scramble? I’m sure many of you will be in anxious expectation. Or not.

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