Banking 90,000 Amex Membership Rewards points

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Signing up for credit cards and earning sign-up bonuses is by far the most rewarding method to earn airline miles and points. However, there are times when applying for credit cards is just not the right move. You may be wanting to buy a house. Your finances might be a little tight. You over did it on your last ‘app-o-rama’, which is the term used to describe when applying for multiple credit cards at once. None of those circumstances -among others- warrant the continuous and thoughtless credit card chase, as sooner or later it will backfire. United recently launched a pre-paid card that earns United miles, but that’s hardly a lucrative proposition, mainly because it comes with a hefty set of fees, beginning with an $85 annual fee. All the more reason to have a plan and apply for the right credit cards. This plans also include which ones you’re going to keep open past that 1st year.

I went pretty hard last year on new credit cards so this year will be a low key one for me. Thus, I’m trying to maximize miles earnings in other ways like using the MileagePlus X app, referring family and friends, miles purchasing to top off accounts, car rental bonuses, hotel stay bonuses and other offers that may present themselves. Some VERY lucrative offers just happened to present themselves within a 3 week period that total 90,000 points!

In a previous post about my Amex Business Platinum card I explained how this card makes sense for United/Star Alliance flyers, even though it’s not a United transfer partner. One can still use it through Aeroplan, ANA and Krisflyer transfers. Most of the time I select Aeroplan, and one good reason is to avoid that darn close-in fee. Well I’m even more happy that I have this card and that my wife is a personal Platinum cardholder. This is how we’ll earn 90,000 with very little effort over the next couple of weeks:

  • Business Platinum card – Extended Pay option offer of 10,000 Membership Rewards points just for signing up. Though this is a charge card that must be paid in full on a monthly basis, Amex does offer to cardholders in good standing the option to enroll in an extended pay program. There’s no value in it as the rule of thumb is to not carry a balance on your charge card (or any of your credit cards for that matter). But the terms of this offer are just to enroll and doesn’t require making use of the extended pay option. APPLY HERE for this card to earn up to 75,000 Membership Rewards points! Terms apply.



  • Personal Platinum card – Targeted offer of up to 20,000 Membership Rewards points by adding new authorized users to your account, 5,000 MR points per new authorized card. Note that if you’re a Platinum cardholder you can add authorized users for Platinum or Gold cards. Platinum cards incur a fee, while Gold cards don’t. No brainer. APPLY HERE for this card to earn 60,000 Membership Rewards points! Terms apply.



So hows that for points earnings? It’s definitely a great deal, especially considering that I won’t be applying for any credit cards. These two cards are certainly worth considering, as during the year you might be targeted for offers similar to these maximizing and at the same time offsetting the annual fee. Be on the lookout!

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